Winner of the 2017 National Science and Maths Quiz from Prempeh College, Wonder Sarfo Ansah has said that winning the contest has had a positive impact on his life.

He said being in the spotlight made him a role model for people in his community, helping him to “live right”.

“A lot of people knew me, a lot of people had this perception that I was someone they could look up to, so that alone was a motivation to live right, the competition was a positive impact in my life.”

Looking back he says the feeling was bittersweet at the initial stages since their competitors gave them a run for their money.

“It was not that pleasant, but when the trophy comes, the joy comes. It was good to see the victory, they took a part of the joy but, we were happy in the end.”

Interestingly, Wonder comes from a line of NSMQ winners.

His motivation to win the contest in 2017 can be attributed to his first day of Senior High School when he discovered that his father had won for his alma mater, Prempeh College in 1996.

“He convinced me to go to Prempeh college, he took me there after the school selection was over and led the way to the school administration block, there was a picture of a guy who looks like me who was holding a trophy, that was the first time that I got to know.”

According to him, his father’s success motivated him to be the best version of himself and to strive for his own victory.

“I told myself that if my father was a legend here, why can’t I be? I also didn’t want to be comfortable with his victory or even the victory of my seniors in 2015. Actually, when they won in 2015, I never held their trophy, a lot of people were holding it to take pictures, but I was like, I can get my own, I didn’t touch it and by God’s Grace, I also emerged victorious.”

Wonder Sarfo Ansah is currently helping out with the current set of 2020 Prempeh College Competitors and is rooting for them to bring the cup home.