Former Ambassador of Ghana to China, Edward Boateng, has planted a seedling in the Green Ghana Day commemoration.

The and founder of media conglomerate, Global Media Alliance, planted his seedling at his father’s house in Asokore in memory of him.

The Green Ghana initiative aims at planting over five million economic trees as part of measures to keep the country’s forest cover in good condition.

Our cities will be more welcoming by 2030 - Former ambassador to China

After planting his seedling, Ambassador Boateng spoke about his passion for forests, trees and animals.

“That is one of the things I remember. Growing up, at a point in our house we use to have all manner of animals because I loved them,” he passionately reminisced about the past.

Ambassador Boateng also indicated, “I decided to come and plant my tree in my father’s hometown. My father was arguably one of the first foresters in Ghana.

He use to work for an institution called Forest Product Research Institute, when he came back from United Kingdom in the 60s.”

Our cities will be more welcoming by 2030 - Former ambassador to China

He commended the President of the Republic and the Honourable Minister of Lands and Natural Resources for such an initiative, while expressing his worry on the state of Ghana’s environment & forest cover.

He indicated, “All over the world you see that most cities are green, unfortunately we don’t have that here. And also with the issue of climate change, that we’re currently experiencing, it is becoming more difficult.”

Ambassador Boateng was however optimistic that by 2030 Ghana will be that haven everyone craves for as the Green Ghana initiative is one of the measures that make a country happy to live in.

He said, “I think by 2030, Ghana will become greener and our cities will be more welcoming.”