The South Dayi MP has admonished the actions of police officers, stating that they acted unprofessionally when the NDC MPs embarked on a march to the Electoral Commission’s (EC) office to submit a petition.

Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor said, “To block the path of MPs from going to present a mere petition is unprofessional, we were not holding cutlasses, we were not holding plaque cards so on what basis will you do that?”

He further stated that the minority caucus in Parliament before they took to the streets on Tuesday had notified both the EC and the police officers a day before, hence the scuffle which ensued between them was uncalled for.

“We notified the police and the EC about the march on Monday and we notified our Marshall so we had our clearance to go, Do I need a police permit to walk and submit a petition to the EC’s office?” he quizzed.

His comment follows a scuffle which ensued between the police and some NDC legislators who were walking from Parliament House to the offices of the EC.

The legislators were prevented from going beyond a barricade which led to a chaotic scene as the police were seen physically manhandling some of the MPs.

But, the police officers have said their actions were to maintain peace and order.

Mr Dafeamekpor, however, said out of the notice given to the police officials, their duty was to protect the legislatures and not to cause a chaotic scene.

 He wants an explanation of why “106 MPs not holding plaque cards, but only holding a petition to go and present yet the Police Service say we cannot do that?”