Energy analyst Kwadwo Poku says Ghanaians should expect the power crisis they are facing now to be resolved by the end of the year, all things being equal.

According to him, there are three different projects the stakeholders is embarking on to resolve these crises adding that people can start worrying if these projects are not done by the end of the year.

These projects, he said, have timelines adding that some of these dates have been communicated to the public as days the power crisis will end.

However, Mr Poku believes that if there are no disturbances these projects can collectively be completed by the end of November.

“We are not dealing with just one project, in total currently, there are about three projects ongoing. There is the Kumasi-Kintampo project there is the Akosombo-Ahimota project and there is one other I can’t remember the name. These project all have different timelines of completing.”

“The various timeless we have are for the various projects, they said we cannot lump all of them together. The comfort that we have is that we should all take the end of the year timeline and say that let’s give ourselves to the end of November. I am sure by then if these things are still ongoing then we can now have a course to worry,” he told JoyNews’ Evans Mensah.

The Energy Analyst stated that although no specific date can be given Ghanaians should pray there are no distractions that can hinder the contractors from finishing on time.

Kwadwo Poku’s comments come after many Ghanaians have expressed worry about the recent intermittent power cuts experienced across the country.

Many people have said they fear the country might be heading back to the days of “dumsor”. Others have demanded the stakeholders in the energy sector bring back their lights – no explanation needed.

Meanwhile, Kwadwo Poku says he disagrees with people who claim they do not need an explanation as to why the lights have gone off but are still demanding lights.

He stated that although not everyone will understand the industry terms and jargons, these explanations will give people insight into the current challenges and the solutions being taken to resolve them.

“We sometimes make it look as if everybody in this country is not interested in details. Yes, your light does go off but to an extent. Yes your light is off but you make a phone call to find out why your light is off. 

“They will properly give you an explanation that ‘there is a fault at the junction but men are at it, they will finish in two hours.’ Then you are at ease because you know now why your light is off and something is being done. So, I think everybody should make at least a little effort to understand the details.”