Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, has made it official that he is no longer working with his militants, made up of Addi Self, Captan, Joint 77 and Natty Lee.

According to him, they are lazy musicians who are not ready to be in the limelight regardless of the music coaching tips he provides for them.

He revealed in a live Facebook interaction that he had parted ways with them in January.

However, he was forced to make the announcement in May because they are still doing music in his name.

“I have given them their pass yet they post nonsense songs like I wrote them for them and I don’t want that. They are not good musicians. I only wanted them to do songs so people will support them so they can make money,” he said.

Shatta Wale recruited the budding musicians in his team some years back to support his and their music.

He released a number of songs with his militants including Thunder Fire’, Taking Over and Chacha.

An angry Shatta Wale said he did not want the militants living in his shadows, hence the need to make the announcement that they have parted ways.

According to him, one of his militants, Addi Self, was the mastermind who urged the other militants to disrespect him.

“Addi Self who can’t write, gangs up telling them that I am not doing anything for them. You militants, all the songs you guys wrote none. I wrote all your songs yet people think I am sabotaging you,” he said.

He climaxed the live feed by registering the fact that anytime he loses a team member, better things come his way.

“The moment they leave another opportunity comes to me. How is this happening? Even in the bank when you go late you will be sacked. I am working too hard, hence don’t let us be myopic.”