A private legal practitioner has urged the Ghana Education Service and its stakeholders to revise curriculum for Senior High Schools, to reflect global trends in education.

Ernest Kofi Abotsi held that the current system encourages rote learning instead of students demonstrating an understanding of what they are taught.

Evidence of the poor state of Ghana’s education system, he said, is manifested in 2019 performance of Ghana in the Global education trends.

“Teachers must be creative and innovative and must inspire creativity in students. Unfortunately, our school systems have often been stifled in their teaching and learning. And academic conformity has been priced over rebellion,” he told his audience.

Mr. Abotsi, who was speaking at the 90th-anniversary lectures of Saint Augustines College in Accra, made this remark on the back of recent reforms to Primary and Junior High School education system.

The reforms include replacing the existing primary school curriculum and introducing new uniforms for Primary and Junior High School [JHS] pupils respectively. 

Speaking in glowing terms of the new curriculum for primary schools at a press conference in Accra, Opoku-Amankwa, Director at the Ghana Education Service said the reform is in line with international best practice, which requires a review every five years.

“A key feature of the new curriculum is the introduction of a national assessment examination at classes two, four and six,” he said

This will replace the status quo where students are assessed nationally during the Basic Education Certificate Examination.

Mr. Ernest Abotsi wants this replicated at the Senior High School level as well.