Nigerian singer Wizkid’s baby mama has sent out a stern warning to older women on Instagram for sending nude photos to her son on Instagram.

Shola Ogudu finds it crazy and unthinkable that grown women will send her nine-year-old son, Zion Balogun, such inappropriate pictures and messages.

“This is the final warning, that’s why I used his page to come and warn you. Stop sending my son nudes, he’s 9 years old. Nine! If you want to shoot your shot, shoot your shot with people that are your agemates,” she emphasized.

Zion, according to his mother, has restricted access to social media and can only post pictures with captions she helps him come up with. As such she is astonished to see these unsolicited messages, love propositions and nudes sent to his inbox.

“I try to monitor my son’s social media, that’s why he is signed on his phone and mine. The kind of DMs he gets is crazy. You people are crazy; this is madness. Women send him love messages and nudes. My son is only nine,” she said in a video posted on the app.

Shola threatened to call them out on social media if they continued, and post screenshots of their messages along with their nude photos.