An empty lecture hall at a Technical University

Vice-Chairperson of the Cape Coast branch of the Technical University Teacher’s Association of Ghana (TUTAG), has stated that their strike action will continue until government finds a solution to their challenges.

Speaking to the media in Cape Coast, Emmanuel Adu said the Association was compelled to embark on the strike action because the government and other stakeholders refused to resolve their issues.

“Over the years, we have been battling with the government on issues with regard to our allowance, promotion criteria, scheme of work and our Tier II pension scheme.”

“Our allowance given to us is woefully below average; we have unfair promotion criteria, our scheme of work is not in place, our Tier II pension scheme is also in limbo,” he added.

Mr Adu said these necessitated their decision to go on a partial strike after they served stakeholders their intentions to go on strike which they refused to acknowledge.

He urged the Labour Commission, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations and the Government as a whole, to resolve their issues with all urgently for teaching and learning to resume.

“We are, however, mindful of our final year students so we monitor their projects, the only activities we have withdrawn from is teaching, marking of script and examinations,” he further added.

When the Ghana News Agency visited the institution on Wednesday morning, the lecture halls were empty with some few students around campus.