A 27-year-old suspect, Godsway Ablorde, is in the custody of the Anloga District Police for the murder of Ami Ablorde, a caterer at Woe, near Angloga.

The suspect was arrested with the help of community members after she attempted committing suicide moments after setting the deceased ablaze, leaving her with life-threatening burns leading to her death.

According to the police, preliminary investigation revealed that both suspect and deceased were workers at a Restaurant at Woe, but the facility’s management relieved the suspect of her duties.

Further investigation established that the suspect, Madam Ablorde, suspected that her ejection from the restaurant was orchestrated by the deceased.

Thus, on Tuesday, January 11, at about 8:00 pm, the suspect armed with a gallon containing a mixture of petrol and diesel and a box of matches went to the restaurant and poured the petrol and diesel mixture on the deceased and lighted the match.

The deceased, alone at the facility, struggled for her life until some people chanced on the scene and rushed her to the Keta Government hospital for medical attention.

However, she died the following day at about 7 am.

The suspect was arraigned before the Anloga District Magistrate Court on Thursday and was remanded to reappear on Thursday, February 24, while investigation continues into the incident.

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