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Reports reaching JoyNews reveal that 23 students heading to Anum Secondary School have been involved in an accident along the Dodowa-Shai Hills road.

Principal Emergency Medical Technician, Issah Kpanbey confirmed the incident on The Pulse while interacting with host, Ayisha Ibrahim on Thursday.

According to Mr. Kpanbey, information gathered at the scene indicated that “the vehicle was loaded with students who were going to Anum Secondary School and had a tyre burst.”

He added that due to overspeeding, the driver could not stop the vehicle after the tyre burst, making the car somersault.

“The driver tried his best to save the situation but then could not stop because of the excessive speeding that we were told. The car somersaulted and then got mangled,” he told JoyNews.

According to him, most of the 23 students who were on board the vehicle are severely injured, adding that the students have been conveyed to the Dodowa District Hospital.

“They all sustained injuries. Only a few of them had minor injuries, but to be honest with you, most of them sustained serious injuries ranging from fractures, head injuries and the likes.”

“As we speak, they are all at the Dodowa District Hospital. That is where we conveyed them to, with the help of the Dodowa District Police Command and the Dodowa District Fire Service as well as the National Ambulance Service in Dodowa,” he said.

He said he does not know the condition of the casualties after being conveyed to the hospital, but there has been a reinforcement of staff at the hospital.

“The hospital authorities have called for reinforcement because the casualties there, are almost overwhelming their staff,” he said.

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