The Ghana Police says it has arrested six suspects for their involvement in an illegal AK 47 transaction.

The arrests occurred on Friday, December 3, 2021.

According to a Police statement signed by the Director-General of Public Affairs, ACP Kwesi Ofori, the first suspect, Alhassan Jamah, was arrested near Osino by the National Operations Directorate Highway Patrol during a stop and search operation.

An AK47 rifle with twelve rounds of ammunition was found hidden in his traveling bag on board an Accra-Bawku bound Yutoun bus.

An intelligence-led operation later led to the arrest of five more suspects namely; Bashiru Salifu, Kassim Aninga, Mohammed Asako, Salifu James, and Ibrahim Mohammed for involvement in illegal arms transaction, the statement read.

All six suspects are currently in Police custody, assisting with the investigations.

The Police Administration has lauded the Highway Patrol team for a good job done.

In their statement, they extended their appreciation to the passengers who had cooperated in the police inspection that had led to the arrests.

“We also thank the passengers on board that vehicle for their cooperation and understanding during the operation.

“Furthermore we want to assure Ghanaiasn that we are indeed committed to working to safeguard their safety,” the statement concluded.

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