The Volta Regional Command of the Ghana Immigration Service has intercepted 70 Nigerian migrants who have entered Ghana through unapproved routes. 

51 of them were intercepted at the Asikuma border post on the 3rd of February, while the other 19 were spotted at the Ho Main Lorry Station on Tuesday dawn, February 9, as they were preparing to travel to into capital, Accra. 

The Regional Commander revealed that transport syndicates are responsible for carrying Nigerians across the Benin and Togo borders only to dump them at the Ghana-Togo border, leaving them to find their own ways and means to enter the country.

“What is happening is that our brothers, especially from Nigeria, there is a transport syndicate that is operating. They will carry Nigerians across Benin, across Togo and dump them at the Ghana-Togo border and ask them to find their own ways and means to enter Ghana,” he stated.

“Be that as it may, that is how the okada (motorcycle) boys find business. They are transported through these unapproved routes into Ghana.

The Volta Regional Immigration Commander, Peter Clava Nantuo Esq described the development as worrying, especially as restrictions instituted to curb the spread of the coronavirus are being violated. 

According to Mr Nantuo, these illegal immigrants hire a large bus that transports them at dawn to bring them into the capital.

“…They come one by one to the lorry station between and gather. When they have enough numbers, 2:00 am-3:00 am dawn they alone, only Nigerians will now hire a bus at that odd hour, believing that my men are asleep [but] we work 24/7.”

He, however, assured the general public that the Regional Command were on high alert and would ensure that all illegal immigrants are intercepted.

“We want them to know that once that will – the deliberate attempt to break the law – is concerned we are up to the task and we will continue intercepting them and deal with them accordingly”.

Of more concern to the Immigration Officer is the recent influx of these illegal immigrants into the country.

Mr Nantuo believes that this is because “they are beginning to see Ghana as a fertile ground for cyber fraud”. Something he pledged not to “tolerate”.

Furthermore, in view of the pandemic, the illegal entry into the country are being quarantined for the mandatory 14 days.

“We will send them back to Aflao for them to be quarantined for the 14 days per the provisions of the EI. Within that time, investigations would have been done as to whether they would be deported or prosecuted”.

He, however, added that Ghana was ready to accept honest investments opportunities from Nigeria so long as the right channels are used.