Newly elected President of the African Paralympics Committee, Samson Deen says his unique leadership style will drive the sport on the continent to a higher threshold of development.

Samson Deen, who was elected at the just ended General Assembly in Rabat, takes over from Angolan, Leonel da Rocha Pinto who has been at the helm for 13 years.

Deen’s election is the first time a Ghanaian has risen to level of managing para-sports on the continental stage.

The Ghana National Paralympic Committee President polled 24 of the total votes (41) cast and had closely behind him president of the Morocco Paralympic committee, Hamid El Aouni polling 15 votes.

Samson Deen moments after the triumph, explained to Joy Sports why his leadership would differ from what the Committee has experienced in the last decade.

“I promise an assurance to Africans, as I said in front of delegates. I told them ‘a vote for Samson Deen, is a vote for leadership’.

“I am born to lead and I have examples to prove. They know what I can do. In fact at Congress, they attest to the fact that – in all motions I supported won, because we knew that we needed those changes in our constitution and in our paralympic movement in Africa,” he said.

Deen was elected President of the National Paralympics Committee in 2019 and was endorsed by Ministry of Youth and Sports who were represented by the Deputy Sports Minister Evans Bobie Opoku in Rabat.

The Member of Parliament for the Asunafo North Constituency in the Brong-Ahafo Region was excited to witness a big win for Ghana.

“We are so glad and excited that a Ghanaian has been elected as an African Paralympic Committee president. In that way, the African Paralympic Committee HQ is going to be in Ghana and so we are happy.

“We are waiting for Deen and his team to come out of the room and the celebration and excitement will begin,” he said to Joy Sports.

Positions of President, Secretary General, Vice president Treasurer and representatives from the language communities (Arabic, English , French and Portuguese ) and the Athletes representative were contested .

Samson Deen was grateful to H.E President Akufo-Addo for the support throughout the process of campaigning and at the General Assembly in Rabat.

“You need to understand the terrain and understand what really is the message. Our message won and I’ll say thank you to the people of Ghana, to Joy, thank you” Deen said.

Ghana is aiming to become the first country to host the African Games alongside an African Para Games in 2023 and Deen’s election is viewed as a huge boost to achieving that.

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