The Management of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making necessary arrangements with accredited laboratories and clinics for all staff to be tested for Covid-19.

This is part of the Agency’s measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This directive was issued by the Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Henry Kokofu.

The Executive Management of the Agency in its resolve to continue to create a safe environment has, therefore, issued the following additional measures:

The Head Office would be closed from February 1, to February 3, to allow all the offices to be disinfected. The office would be re-opened on February 4.

Heads of Departments and Units are requested to ensure that staff work from home during this period.

Heads of Regions and Area Offices across the country are required to make arrangements for their staff to be tested.

All Regional and Area Offices are also to be disinfected immediately.

Heads of Regional and Area Offices are to continue to source local companies for the disinfection of their offices and submit the bills to the Head Office for payment.

All EPA Offices across the country are entreated to operationalize their respective Covid-19 Committees to ensure strict compliance with these additional directives.

Management says, they would continue reviewing the situation and issue further directives when necessary.