Martin Amidu and John Mahama

The South Dayi MP says the Special Prosecutor should prosecute former President John Mahama if he indeed has evidence he is culpable in the Airbus scandal.

According to Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, Martin Amidu is patronising Ghanaians with his excuses on why the NDC presidential candidate is yet to be interrogated on the Airbus bribery scandal.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show, on Thursday, he stated that Mr Amidu saying he is postponing investigations because of the 2020 election gives the impression that highly placed people in society cannot face the law when they commit a crime.

“This is why the general public hate we the politicians…it is not right. He should stop patronising us. If he thinks the former president has committed an offense, he should investigate him,” the MP said.

He said it is “unacceptable” for Martin Amidu to cite the upcoming elections as reasons he will not investigate or prosecute the NDC flagbearer.

Mr Dafeamekpor’s comment comes after Martin Amidu identified former President John Mahama as the mysterious ‘Government official 1’ in the Airbus bribery scandal involving his brother Samuel Adam Mahama.

He made the revelation while submitting a Corruption Risk Assessment report to the President on the Agyapa Royalties Agreement.

Giving details, Mr Amidu added that, his office is not interrogating Mr Mahama because he is the presidential candidate of the biggest opposition party in the country in the upcoming elections.

But John Mahama has already rubbished the claim that he had a hand in the Airbus bribery scandal.

He has since expressed his disappointment in the Special Prosecutor for naming him in the scandal.

The NDC flagbearer said Martin Amidu has no basis to proceed and investigate him because he accrued no financial benefit from the Airbus contract.

“Not a single dollar,” he said.

Speaking during his Accra Tour at the University of Ghana John Mahama said the development was unfortunate adding that, “nobody asked you about Airbus.”

“If you [Martin Amidu] were man enough, present Agyapa and do a report on Airbus separately. And I will come as a man and answer you on Airbus. If you think I’m indicted in Airbus, accuse me directly.

“But because he is a coward and he knew they were going to discuss Agyapa, he put a paragraph on Airbus to equalise the discussion. I mean what stupidity is this?” he said.