DVLA office, Sunyani

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, DVLA, is urging customers to come to their various offices across Ghana and experience the new and fast service delivery on offer.

Many improved services have been designed and rolled out to ensure clients spend less time at the Authority.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Kwame Appiah Kubi, said the new service delivery is also aimed at ending the involvement of middlemen.

He spoke to Joy News in Sunyani during a tour of the DVLA Board to the Northern part of Ghana.

'Come and experience the new DVLA' - Ghanaians urged
Francis Yao Agbozo, Board Member, DVLA

The first phase of the tour saw the team paying a working visit to the Authority’s offices at Wa, Tamale, Bolgatanga, Wenchi, Techiman, Goaso, and Sunyani.

The visit offered the new Board the chance to interact with the staff, encourage staff in their line of work, and have first-hand information on their work practices and concerns to influence decision making at the top.

“DVLA has changed. Spending long hours at our offices is a thing of the past. With our prestige center, you can only spend 30 minutes to an hour if it’s not a new license. For renewal and others, we serve clients as quickly as possible.

“People should come to our offices and experience it themselves, and once that is done, I don’t think they would be giving their documents to unauthorized people or the “gorro boys” to process for them”, Kwame Appiah Kubi said.

'Come and experience the new DVLA' - Ghanaians urged
DVLA Board and Management members being shown around the Sunyani office

He also said the processes of some of their services can be started online in the comfort of clients’ homes which further reduces the time spent at the DVLA offices.

The Deputy CEO in charge of Corporate Services, Mr. Appiah Kubi further stated that as part of the 6 pillars of DVLA, management will continue to take measures to improve the welfare of staff, their working tools, motivation, and others that would help improve their performance on the job.

This, he noted, affects the flow of revenue to the Authority.

He said an award scheme has been instituted to reward staff who perform excellently every year.

“These form part of measures by management to ensure staff give off their best because a healthy staff translates into more productivity for the Authority”, he stressed.

A board member, Francis Yao Agbozo, appealed to the staff to live by their mandate and ensure that the discharge of their work, which includes issuing of licenses to drivers, does not damage the good image the Authority continues to build.

'Come and experience the new DVLA' - Ghanaians urged
DVLA Board members, Management, and staff in Sunyani

He charged them not to allow themselves to be induced to issue licenses to the wrong people which could lead to road accidents and loss of lives.

Mr. Agbozo, who deputized for the Board Chairman, Frank Davies, said the board takes the inputs from staff very seriously and is determined to solve every challenge that affects their work.

The staff appealed to the management and the Board to help upgrade the Sunyani office to befit its status and grant them property loans to help them buy properties, among others.

They also suggested to the management to consider the car registration prefix to BR to signify the Bono Region instead of BA (Brong Ahafo), which no longer exists as a region.

The team included Deputy Commissioner of Police, Francis Aboagye- Nyarko, Director-General, Motor Traffic, and Transport Department, representing the Ghana Police Service, Francis Larbi-Odame, Ghana Automobile Distributors Association, Dr. Mahama Wayo, National Insurance Commission, Emmanuel Ohene-Yeboah, Private Road Transport Provider, Lt. Col Harry Keelson, Ghana Armed Forces, and Francis Tuffour, Manager, Public Relations.


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