Captain of Dreams FC, Micheal Agbekpornu believes that his side will make it difficult for clubs who face them at Dawu in the upcoming Ghana Premier league season.

In seasons gone by, Dawu has been a fortress up until last season where Dreams won just two of their seven games. The Still Believe lads thumped King Faisal 4-1 in last season’s opener before snatching all three points against Medeama thanks to a solitary goal from Ibrahim Issah.

However, Asante Kotoko, Hearts of Oak and Aduana Stars claimed three points with a lone goal at Dawu. Whilst games against Karela and Legon Cities ended in stalemate, leaving Dreams FC lying 17th on the home table.

Nevertheless, Agbekpornu believes their bad run of form at home last season was due to a lack of goals and guaranteed that results will improve this season.

“I think the problem was that we weren’t scoring and things weren’t going on well for us even though we kept on doing our best. It’s part of football. Sometimes [strange] things happen but this season it’s going to be different” he said in an interview with Joy Sports.

Agbekpornu also added that, as part of lessons learnt from last season, they will have to take their chances and also prevent their opponents from scoring.

“Last season the lesson we learnt was that we have to take our chances and we have to score. We also have to prevent our opponents from scoring us so I think this time it’s going to be difficult for our opponents. They won’t find it easy at Dawu.”

The Still Believe travel to face Inter Allies in a a tricky tie at the Accra Sports stadium on November 13.

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