The Electricity Company of Ghana has provided the Kpovi Police barrier in the Ho West District with power, after 42 years of establishing the post.

The initiative is expected to enhance security at the first police checkpoint in the Volta Region on the Accra-Ho highway, stationed on disputed land.

The project, estimated to cost about GH¢ 101,024.26, saw the provision of a 50KVA transformer, poles, overhead Cables, single-phase meter, installation of streetlights, and minor renovation works done on the duty post at Kporvi.

The Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP Oduro-Kwateng, said that the Kpovi barrier was mounted in 1979, during a conflict between the people of Peki and Tsito over ownership of the land, to serve as a buffer between the feuding factions and to respond swiftly to emergencies.

He said the barrier has played crucial roles in combating crime in the region.

“Since its establishment, it has been very useful in many ways including the arrest of robbery suspects and other wanted persons, interception of arms, ammunition, narcotic drugs and stolen goods coming in and out of the region, rescue of human trafficking victims among others.”

“Recently our men on duty at this barrier on 10th August, 2021 intercepted vehicle No. GC 3690 – 09 loaded with almost 1,300 parcels of substance suspected to be narcotics. The case is being handled by the National Narcotics Control board in Accra”, he revealed.

DCOP Oduro Kwateng said that personnel stationed at the barrier had to surmount the unavailability of electricity to charge their mobile phones, walkie talkies, tazers, and other non-lethal gadgets, and unclear vision at night to discharge their duties.

This he said prompted him two years ago, after assuming office, to appeal to the ECG to provide the barrier with electricity.

“Thankfully, the new Regional General Manager Mr. Emmanuel Lumor took up the request and I am happy they have listened to our cry and assisted us in the provision of a transformer that can serve a whole community, erection of poles and overhead cables, the installation of street lights, minor renovation works such as the provision of security lights, painting, and clearing of the area”, he said.

He added that “they have also provided us with standing fans for the personnel. This will give them some sort of relief especially when the weather is hot. Indeed, ECG has given the true meaning of the adage that security is a shared responsibility!”

The Volta and Oti Regional General Manager of ECG, Emmanuel Lumor, explained that the project forms part of an initiative to make the Volta region a hub of excellent customer services.

ECG illuminates Kpovi Police barrier to enhance security
Kpovi Police Barrier

He is optimistic the initiative would bring relief to police officers who man the checkpoint.

“We believe when the police are comfortable, they will transfer love to our customers who will also end up patronizing our services legally to improve the financial health of the company,” he said.

He acknowledged the roles played by the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, in connecting the security installation with electricity.

He stressed on the power distribution company’s commitment to providing a favorable environment for businesses to thrive in the region.

“Given this, I humbly appeal to everyone to support this vision and furnish the Region with suggestions to help make this vision achievable.”

Mr. Lumor said a lot of extension and system improvement projects are being undertaken to extend power supply to unserved communities and ensure a stable power supply.

ECG illuminates Kpovi Police barrier to enhance security
Street lights provided by Dr. Letsa

He added that “we have also adopted strategies like an intensification of vegetation control activities and the inspection of transformers serving our customers to ensure we have a robust distribution network to provide safe, reliable and quality electricity services.”

He, however, expressed distress at the spate of illegal connections indicating it “affects the distribution system by overloading transformers which eventually leads to the breakdown of transformers and outages.”

He warned against engaging in illegal connection and said that ECG has authority to prosecute persons caught engaging in such acts.

He implored the public to report suspected individuals at the nearest ECG office or call the national taskforce telephone number 0551444011.

ECG illuminates Kpovi Police barrier to enhance security
Barrier post

“There is a 6% commission on any amount we recoup as an incentive for anyone who gives us reliable information to unearth any illegality”, he concluded.

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa, underscored the essence of the project, indicating that road users and the police would feel safer at the barrier.

“I am sure the presence of electricity is going to force the police service to put up a divisional structure here”, he said adding that other vital needs of a security installation may be added to the facility in the future.

Dr. Letsa who donated the streetlights fixed at the barrier lauded the roles played by all stakeholders in ensuring the success of the project.

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