Renowned music executive and video director, David Nicol-sey has launched Ghana’s most-awaited music performance show dubbed Luuknow – the House sessions.

Luuknow is the first musical performance show of its kind – seeking to discover the next Global superstars from Ghana. For the first time, emerging acts in the African music space are being gathered under one roof – The House.

The house sessions will be a musical performance show where selected acts will be given a platform to perform their original music.

Meanwhile, all the artistes will benefit from working with Luuknow to create engaging, live performance content to expose their brand and works to a new global audience – this is in a bid to help them develop into household names.

Some of the emerging acts selected for the premier edition of The House 2022 are: Cina Soul, Camidoh, Twitch, Kweku Smoke, Offei, Kirani Ayat, Chris Adjei, Rcee, Papachie, Raph Enzee, Alee and Savaga & Sablar

Luuknow will work closely with the acts and their management teams to ensure the content created feeds directly into their marketing plan and also to create high-value production content for their existing and new fans to discover and learn more about them.

Additionally, fans are to note that the show will be aired on all Luuknow social media pages.

Luuknow is a content production company that seeks to produce a series of original African entertainment content in an ever demanding era of social media for a global audience.

Our mission is to propel and project super-talented African artistes, creatives and content onto the next level. Our unique marketing, content production and promotion will seek to support artists at all stages of their careers.

Luuknow seeks to play a crucial role in maximizing the already developing African sound to match up to the global sound happening in the Afro-beats universe.

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