No more excitement, enthusiasm in movie industry - Prince David Osei

No more excitement, enthusiasm in movie industry - Prince David Osei
Source: Ghana | Hitz FM | Angelina Agyeiwaa Nti
Date: 31-05-2017 Time: 07:05:13:am
Prince David Osei

Actor and producer Prince David Osei says the huge challenges facing the Ghanaian movie industry is killing interest and growth of sector.

According to the actor, who is now based in the US, there is no excitement and enthusiasm in movie industry today. He gave the remarks in an interview Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with KMJ.

He said: “It is sad and unfortunate when individuals in the industry refuse or [deny] when it comes to issues like this in Ghana, I have been in the industry for over a decade so when I say the industry is dying or the enthusiasm and the excitement in the industry is no more, it’s true. Some of us have been talking about this and we were attacked…I personally don’t have a problem."

“I am talking about the future of the industry because left to me, the least I can do is to probably produce, I shouldn’t be complaining, the bottom line is a whole lot of things going on that is not making the industry grow, that is why I decided to add my voice,” he said.

Prince David Osei further explained that, “Things are going wrong which others don’t want to accept, people are struggling. Opera Square used to be the Hollywood of Ghana movies but now big-time producers are selling electrical gadgets because the place is out of business.

The actor added that, there are no sponsors in the industry, giving an example that Ecobank Nigeria sponsors their movie industry, “I don’t know why they don’t sponsor the movie industry [here].”

Majority of the people who watch telenovelas, according to him, have been brainwashed and introduced to adultery. He urged that Ghanaians need to help grow the industry and keep it vibrant.


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