Anesthesiologist and Covid-19 ICU Team Leader at the Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN), USA, has advised the Ghanaian government to engage relevant groups in the fight against Covid-19.

Joining discussions on government’s steps in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic on Joy News’ Newsfile, Saturday, Dr Samuel Kojo Amoakohene said the government should continue to engage with all necessary stakeholders to help procure vaccines.

“Whatever we’ve done in the past, we have to continue to put our foot on the gas, to try to get vaccines into the country. And if one pad is not working, we really need to start looking around. And not solely depend on someone’s goodwill because they may not help.”

With the third wave of the Covid-19 disease hovering around and other variants being discovered, Dr Samuel Kojo Amoakohene said the government must be proactive in procuring vaccines.

“And if we get some coming in, and at some point we have enough coming in, but some people are also willing to produce, or give us supplies of vaccines, then we can sort of back off and take what we’ve been offered rather than rely on people’s goodwill.”

Dr Samuel Amoakohene expressed belief that the government would make the necessary effort by negotiating with stakeholders such as the African Union (AU) to support the country.

Dr Amoakohene suggested that the technical know-how of renowned universities in the country could be employed to facilitate the fight against the pandemic.

“We just have to put the right people at the table,” he noted.