The Principal Revenue Officer at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Lawrence Hotsonyame says the institution is making use of the opportunities that come with digitisation.

Mr Hotsonyame said they are trying to change the process in which they operate to make it simple for taxpayers to file their returns and pay taxes online.

“We are trying to change our operational processes to make it easy for taxpayers to file returns and pay taxes online and these are the primary obligations of the taxpayer,” he said.

He added that taxpayers can be able to file their returns and pay their taxes through government’s official website,

“Taxpayers will be able to do this through the government of Ghana official platform, which we call the, so when you log in you will find more state institutions including GRA.

“So when you click on GRA, it gives you all the services we offer to be able to file and pay online,” Mr Hotsonyame added.

The government, through the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), in their effort to ensure easy payment of taxes, is replacing the Taxpayer Identification Number of individuals issued by the Ghana Revenue Authority for tax identification purposes with the Ghana Card.

This change is in line with government’s policy on the use of a unique identifier for all transactions where the identification of an individual is required.

There will be a transition period from April 1, to December 31, where both the TIN and Ghana Card PIN may be used simultaneously as the unique number for tax identification purposes.

After this period, it is expected that all existing TINs will be replaced with the Ghana Card PIN.