Stonebwoy, Kobby Kyei

Award-winning blogger and philanthropist Kobby Kyei says some Ghanaian mainstream artists do not have strong PR teams.

He made this claim on Friday on Daybreak Hitz, hosted by Doreen Avio on Hitz FM.

According to Kyei, among these artists, (Sarkodie, Shatta Wale) was multi-award-winning singer and songwriter, Stonebwoy, who seemed to be unhappy with the blogger’s assertion.

In a rebuttal, the latest DefJam Recordings signee posed a question to Kyei: “How many Ghanaian artists can afford PR teams?”

But the question was not the only word Stonebwoy spoke. He later corroborated with the blogger, saying that a PR team is “essential” to an artist’s career.

However, he added that there are not too many artists here in Ghana who can afford to pay PR persons who’d handle the dissemination of information on behalf of the musicians.

The “Therapy” singer also said that, sometimes, the public relations officers feel “generous”, thus, wilfully devote themselves to the artists by taking up the PR role and doing so with no cost involved.

But as industry stakeholders who equally have responsibilities and deserve to be rewarded for their craft, and as time goes on, they cannot continue being public relations officers for artists without taking home a salary.

In his final words with regards to Kyei’s “infamous” comments, Stonebwoy pointed out that “we are growing brands. So if it is today that we have weak PR, at least, we have PR – tomorrow, they will be strong,” he told Da Don in an exclusive interview on U Sey Weytin.

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