A health economist and policy analyst has called on government to implement a multi-sectoral strategy in its quest to combat COVID-19 in the country.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Newsfile Saturday, Dr Abena Asomaning Antwi said for government’s fight against the deadly pandemic to be successful, the task should not be left for only the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and Health Ministry.

She wants government to robe in all its Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs).

“I want to see a very clear strategy which is multi-sectorial, it is good to see Ghana Education Service (GES) and GHS working collaboratively, I would want to see what the Agric Ministry is doing.

“I would want to see what the local government is doing in terms of sanitation because we already had our problems in terms of health and now coronavirus has come to add up,” she stated.

On Thursday, the Health Minister announced that there have been two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ghana.

Also in the early hours of Saturday, sources told JoyNews the third case of COVID-19 will be announced soon.

The suspected carrier is said to be an employee of a mining company who returned from a trip to South Africa recently.

The health policy analyst said for Ghanaians to get the assurance that they are safe in the wake of some recorded cases in the country, government must carry out intensified public education.

According to her, lack of adequate information on the pandemic in the country has made a lot of citizens result in fake news.

“We all know that coronavirus is here so if we do not get the information to feed our anxiety we are going to feed on any information that comes on our path.

“We have some faith-based organisation associating this with spirituality and we have spiritual people and they are going in for that.”

Dr Asomaning Antwi then advocated that information should be sensitive to women since they are powerful agents of change and take appropriate steps to protect their households from the pandemic.

 “We need to identify these groups who are powerful who can cause the change we want to see then we can all win this coronavirus problem in a consented manner,” he said.