The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Otokunor says it is shameful for a democratic country like Ghana to witness the nature of violence recorded in the Techiman South Constituency.

His comments follow concerns raised by the families of the eight persons who lost their lives in the just-ended December 7 general elections as a result of electoral violence.

“I think that it is very sad that in the 21st Century we would have such a situation where government will use such brutal and fatal forms on innocent citizens that would take the lives of 8 individuals.

“It is a shame for our democracy, it’s a shame for our independence that our forefathers fought for, and anybody who pursued that unholy act to take the lives of people should be ashamed of himself.”

According to Mr. Otokunor, the National Democratic Congress is seeking “justice for the families of the individuals who have unfortunately lost their lives out of no crime they have committed”.

“All that they wanted to do was to vote and elect a leader for the country. All they wanted to do was to participate in the democratic process,” he added.

He called on the media to join forces with the NDC and the family of the victims to seek justice for the innocent lives lost.

He further urged the media to be more vocal in speaking against the attacks on journalists.

“I think that together with the media we should join hands and demand justice for the family of the individuals who have lost their lives. 

“There are journalists who were shot and we have not seen much from the media fraternity,” he said.

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