Former Chief Executive of the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC) Alex Mould has made a strong case as to why he is best qualified to be the running mate to the National Democratic Congress’ flagbearer, John Mahama.

The former President in February 2019 was elected out of six other contenders in the NDC to lead the party into the upcoming general elections in December.

But Mr Mahama is yet to elect a running mate to support his efforts in this regard.

A number of names have been tipped to be in the running towards filling the position, a list in which Alex Mould strongly features.

Speaking on PM Express on Monday, the former GNPC boss confirmed his interest in the position.

“I think there is a process that goes into it. The flagbearer has to work with the Functional Executives of the party in consultation with the elders and come up with a criteria. If the call me and nominate me and I pass the criteria, I definitely will accept it,” he said.

The former GNPC CEO believes his experience garnered over the years places him among the best suited to support the efforts of the flagbearer at the helm of the party’s affairs.

According to Alex Mould, he has earned the trust of former President Mahama through the diligent execution of opportunities presented him by the former in the development of the country during the tenure of the NDC administration.

“He wouldn’t have offered me the largest corporate job in the public sector. In the corporate world we measure with revenue and profitability. So he wouldn’t have charged me with that if he didn’t trust me because this is a job that can make or break the country,” Mr Mould justified.