People traveling from Kumasi to their various destinations for the holidays

Easter is characterized by lots of religious activities and festivities in the country.

This year, on Good Friday, churches in the city were filled with congregants while some revelers headed to the Kwahu Mountains, which was closed for the three years that the COVID – 19 restrictions were in place.

Easter Friday like in the rest of the Christian world is marked with divine services in many churches in Ghana.

At the Victory Baptist Church, Ayigya branch, the congregants worshiped and danced to melodious tunes in remembrance of the death of their Saviour.

Head Pastor, Rev. Dr. Charles Owusu Ampofo, admonishing his congregants, urged them not to take advantage of the recent global inflation, but rather spread love and be honest in their dealings.

“We are in times that Christians have to demonstrate the love of God through the things we do. For instance, if you’re a trader, don’t take advantage of the seemingly third world war and sell your things at any price you want.

“If you’re an importer don’t just for the sake of profit, sell things at whatever rate you deem appropriate. If you’re a child of God, you’ll not be thinking only about yourself but others, too,” he said.

For three years, the Easter holidays in Kumasi have not seen much festivities due to COVID-19.

But on Good Friday this year, the city was buzzing with lots of activities, especially at the market square and lorry stations.

At the Asafo lorry station, several vehicles were seen loaded with passengers traveling to various destinations for the holidays.

Kwahu is the destination of many revelers for the Easter holidays.

Kumasi buzzes with Easter festivities

Vehicles exiting the lorry station since daybreak were countless as many revelers headed to Kwahu in the Eastern region.

Some passengers on board shared why they are heading to the paragliding city.

Abena Dufie, who has never been to Kwahu, is joining her sister-in-law to climb the mountain for the first time.

“I have never been to Kwahu before. I’ll be climbing the mountains,” she said.

Sammy Tuga, also a reveler, is heading to Kwahu to enjoy the holidays with his friends.

“It’s been a while since COVID-19 befell the world with some restrictions. So, I am going there to chill with some friends,” he said.