The Weija Circuit Court has sentenced a 55-year-old father who abused his two children to jail.

Oman Mumuni the accused was charged with two counts of use of an offensive weapon and causing harm contrary to sections 70 and 69 of the criminal offenses Act 1960, (Act 29).

The accused Mumuni Osman @ Commander pleaded guilty to both counts.

The presiding judge Bernard Bentil convicted him on his own plea and sentenced him to two years imprisonment on each count. The sentence to run concurrently.

The judge prior to passing the sentence stated that the accused is a first offender and that, he has shown remorse which he felt through his demeanour.

He further stated that he wanted the punishment to serve as a deterrent to others.

Efforts are being made to transport him to Ankaful Prison I. The Central Region to serve his prison terms