Africa has one of the most digitally connected populations on the planet, with 400 million internet users. The continent’s e-commerce landscape is growing, with more players entering the industry.

With increased e-payment innovations and technical security, Sub-Saharan Africa will continue to see growth among a huge number of online shoppers.

E-commerce platforms are gaining a foothold in the African retail industry
Three economies continue to dominate the e-commerce landscape in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mobile technology is fueling the e-commerce growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At the top of this buzzing industry are thought leaders and industry experts sharing industry secrets to thousands of eager students looking to tap into what is fast becoming the biggest trade market across the continent.

One of the most recognised voices in this space is France-based, UK-trained, Nigerian Digital thought leader, Nyce Ayuk.

Meet the Nigerian building Africa's e-commerce giants - Nyce Ayuk

The man who has through his premium Coaching and E-Commerce Courses trained over 20,000 students, executives, start-up heads and e-commerce stakeholders across the globe.

Born in and raised in Calabar, Nyce Ayuk studied at the University of Calabar and did his second degree at Coventry University, UK. He returned to Nigeria in 2013 to serve as a Special Adviser on New Media to a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He co-founded, a school automation Management system in 2015. The father of two is married to a French National.

In a twisted story of despair meets opportunity, Nyce Ayuk had to live at his mother-in-law’s house and manage through the hard times.

As a survival mechanism, Nyce sold most of his belongings on Amazon and Facebook marketplace just to support himself and make ends meet and that is how he stumbled on online arbitrage and saw the opportunities.

He chanced on the Amazon Book Arbitrage / trade in program while selling and that led to his discovery and venturing into drop-shipping.

With the help of his wife as a translator, he started helping local businesses with business automation (Websites, Social Media Management, traffic, email marketing etc.)

He made several hundreds of thousands of Euros through this and found his pot of Gold in what will become his gift to thousands of other people across the world.

After successfully proving the concept, over and over again he ventured into sharing this new knowledge to help others set up within the E-Commerce space and make some extra income and hence he launched his coaching business to this effect.

In the last 5 years he has trained over 19,800 students across the globe both Africans and non-Africans.

With thousands of testimonials from students who are today earning 5-6 figures around the world, Nyce Ayuk has become the poster child for the E-Commerce industry and how it can be used to build genuine wealth overnight especially for individuals.

Nyce Achu Ayuk deploys his vast experience to expose the skill set needed by the budding millennial entrepreneur in Africa and anywhere in the world to enjoy the fruits of the ongoing online revolution.

His refreshing style, compelling argument and passion for the emergence of a new crop of millennial entrepreneurs comes together to create a powerful brand of knowledge that is destined to change lives through practical strategies for wealth creation.

Nyce is a holy grail for the millennial entrepreneur determined to make it to the top and Africa’s go-to mind for all things E-Commerce.