National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Bono East Regional Secretariat has accused the Police of reporting “false and inaccurate” findings in connection with shootings at Techiman South in the just-ended elections.

At a press conference monitored by JoyNews’ Anass Sabit, NDC Regional Secretary Mohammed Shamsudeen Ali alluded to an alliance between the police and the NPP government.

He cautioned the Techiman Police to refrain from acts that undermine the intelligence of Ghanaians and the state of democracy in the country.

“The police department is seriously in bed with the NPP government. This action by the Police we believe will not augur well for the nation in deepening our democracy in the African continent.

“We can’t trust the Police CID to do a good job since they have shown clearly that they can’t be neutral and transparent in this matter since the perpetrators of this monstrous crime are their colleagues,” he added.

Mohammed Shamsudeen Ali called on the government to intervene and ensure all pressing matters regarding the shooting are addressed.

“We are calling on the government to set up a proper investigative committee to investigate this matter and bring the perpetrators to book to guarantee peace in the region.

“The police behaved unprofessionally and they should as a matter of urgency bring the perpetrators to book and ensure that justice is served to the people who were affected,” he stated.

According to Regional Police Commander DCOP Asomadu Otchere Darko, his command officially recorded 2 deaths and 9 injuries in the just-ended 2020 general election.

Abdallah Ayaric, 18, and Mohammed Tawjudeen, 41; father of four, lost their lives during a shooting incident at Techiman South.

Furthermore, the NDC remains resolute that results presented by the Electoral Commission do not reflect the true results in Techiman South Constituency.

“Proper collation was not done. If they claim they have done collation, the proper collation hasn’t taken place,” he added.

According to Mohammed Shamsudeen Ali, the actions of the Techiman returning officer were unlawful as he failed to use the legally mandated pink sheets, which resulted in clashes with the security forces and demonstrations in the constituency.