The Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Reverend Professor Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante has bemoaned the way some Christians have turned Easter into a time for parties.

According to him, Easter is the time for repentance, prayer and introspection and it is important for every Christian to observe it as such.

Speaking on The Probe on JoyNews, Sunday, Rev Mante stated that “it is an insult to the Christian faith, particularly during the passion week, where we intensify our prayers and fasting, when people are just dancing and doing all those kinds of things, it does not speak well of us at all.”

The Christian Council Chairman was speaking on the topic ‘Assessing the relevance of the Easter Festivities to National Development.’ He said that there are about six significant parts of the Easter celebration.

They include; Lent, where people fast and pray for 40 days, Passion Week, a time for introspection, reflection and repentance where Christians identify more with the suffering of Jesus Christ and Good Friday, where people remember what Jesus did.

The others are Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday also known as Imanus Day where people celebrate and remember the resurrection of Christ.

Rev Mante said that although some Christians observe milestones in Easter religiously, others disregard these practices.

“If you’re a good Christian you need to follow all these six steps and some Christians do take them seriously, then we have noted that there are other people for whom the whole Easter has become another holiday.”

He said that it is important people change their attitude towards the Easter celebrations.

“I am grateful to God that there are Christians who really understand this aspect of Easter, but then still we will always have some who don’t care about this,” Rev Mante added.