Residents of Ahodwo in the Ashanti Region are worried over the robbery and killing of three people in one week by armed robbers.

The recent one was recorded on Wednesday afternoon when two armed robbers on a motorbike robbed a young man of his money he had just withdrawn from the bank.

This sent traders and residents around the scene running for their lives.

The broad day light attack happened just a few meters away from where a Chinese employer was attacked and shot dead on Tuesday by some unknown men.

Narrating the incident on Newsnite, Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor said the victim of Wednesday’s attack was seen on his knees crying out to onlookers to help him.

However, it was too late since his attackers had already sped off with his bag containing an amount of ¢4,800.

“In fact, it was a shocking sight as many of the traders around left their wares and ran for their lives,” he said.

He then added that, a total of eight persons have been killed in the last three months due to armed robbery attacks in the Ashanti Region.

The one too many attacks in the area, has made residents fearful, hence, their appeal to the Regional Police Command to intensify their patrol in the neighbourhood to clamp down on these illicit acts.

“Now when its six o’ clock it’s no longer safe, because these robbers are all over the place on their motor bikes snatching anything they would find on you and sometimes killing you in the process,” a resident said.

Another also added, “Kumasi was not like that, I don’t know why all of a sudden in this election year people are being robbed and killed but I think the police officers start patrolling here the incident will halt.”