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Management of the Efutu Ramsar site is asking the Minerals Commission to reverse its application that gave clearance for mining activities within the enclave of the renowned Cultural Heritage at Winneba in the Central Region.

Per the proposed arrangement, Ghana’s Minerals Commission is seeking to give mineral rights to Green Metals Resources Ltd to carry out large-scale mining of lithium and other natural resources in accordance with L.I. 2176.

However, this plan has been met with fierce resistance from the Effutu Traditional Council which says the decision will have an adverse impact on the traditional hunting ground for Effutu Aboakyer Festival.

The Manager in charge of the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar site, Vivian Ayeh Addo has complained about the development.

“It is unfortunate that on the 17th of June, I went to the municipal assembly. I chanced on publication notice from Minerals Commission and in fact, I was furious because it wasn’t the first or the second, so I don’t know why the Minerals Commission is so interested in mining the area,” she said.

According to her, the Commission should not be permitted to mine the area because “if we do that, it is going to affect the lagoon, the livelihood of the community, and even the Ramsar site convention.”

“We have to protect it. I informed my head office, the Forestry Commission, Wildlife Division, to find out if they are aware and also the Traditional Council if they also are aware and to my surprise, none of them is aware of what was going on so I don’t know why Minerals Commission decided to do that without the consent of these two organizations.”