South Africans online are still laughing at their president after he struggled to put on a face mask during a televised address on Thursday.

President Cyril Ramaphosa fumbled while trying to put on his ankara fabric mask after announcing plans on easing lockdown restrictions

The awkward moment is the butt of jokes among South Africans:

“Cyril Ramaphosa may have fumbled with his face mask. Who hasn’t? He can laugh at himself. I would rather have a human being as a President than a manufactured, packaged and filtered one,” Simon Grindrod tweeted.

“We’ve been wearing the masks wrong this entire time. Thank you president for showing us our errors!” Langiwe Mwale tweeted.

“Hi! It’s your president, Cyril Ramaphosa! Welcome to my tutorial on how to put a mask on. Remember to like and share this video,” Nabila wrote.