Speaker of Parliament Aaron Mike Oquaye has recalled MPs from suspension, to consider the appointment of Bernard Okoe-Boye as Deputy Health Minister.

A statement from the House’s public affairs said legislators will also attend to other matters as may be determined by the House” on Friday, April 17.

MP for Ledzokuku, Okoe-Boye was vetted for the executive position Wednesday after President Nana Akufo-Addo appointed him on April 6 in a reshuffle.

Speaker Oquaye
Dr. Okoe-Boye was vetted by Appointments Committee on Wednesday.

The plenary will now have to consider the report of the Appointments Committee on the President’s nominee when they meet.

This is the second time MPs are being recalled after Speaker Oquaye suspended sitting in a controversial decision on April 4.

The House was due to rise and go on recess but for some two months.

But the Speaker rather suspended sitting indefinitely; telling MPs, “we cannot go on holidays because we are not in normal times,” in reference to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The decision means the Speaker can recall legislators on any day he chooses to, without the required 14-day notice.

The National Democratic Congress MPs described the Speaker as a dictator following his announcement.

They bemoaned lack of consultation in Prof. Oquaye’s decision.

“What he has done remains the gravest ever threat to parliamentary democracy in Ghana and an assault on the minority in parliament.

“He simply doesn’t respect due process. He simply doesn’t respect rule of law,” Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu stressed.