Nhyira Fm Sports Pundit, Austine Woode

A pundit on Nhyira Power Sports in Kumasi, Austine Woode, has called on the Minister of Youth and Sports to investigate circumstances surrounding Ghana’s Black Meteors losing 6-0 and 4-0 to the Japanese U-24 team in a span of 4 days.

The firebrand pundit said he is appalled by the 2 defeats because he does not believe the Black Meteors are such a bad side to lose by a huge scoreline. 

“I am starting to doubt the competitiveness and reasons for involving Ghana in some of these games. If we were not prepared for such a game, then we shouldn’t have honoured the invitation to embarrass the country this way,” he said.

“These people did a similar thing in an unplanned friendly with the Black Stars team B against Uzbekistan and now this ridiculous result against a country like Japan.

“I am not saying Japan is a bad football nation, but Ghana and the players we paraded are not that bad to lose 6-0 and 4-0 against the same side in 4 days,” the agitated pundit opined. 

Austine Woode, therefore, called on the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Usif, to set up a committee to investigate the said games.

He said the investigation should focus on the invitation, reasons for accepting the said invitation, the impact assessment of the result and query the technical team for the poor performance. 

“The GFA cannot investigate their dealings, and I’m calling on the Minister to initiate such an investigation. The Dzamefe Commission said the national teams belong to the State and the whole country should be worried about the embarrassing result against Japan,” he said. 

The Nhyira Sports pundit noted anytime Ghanaians complained about the amount spent on tournaments comparative to the winning prize, the GFA defends it by saying there’s more to football than just the prize money.

“They always say football gives us more brand recognition and not just prize money. I am therefore asking the GFA if this embarrassing result does our image as a country any good,” he demanded. 

The Black Meteors of Ghana are on an Asian tour where they are scheduled to play Japan U-24 twice and Korea Republic U-24 in two other games. 

The first game against Japan played on Saturday ended 6-0 whilst the second game played on Tuesday ended 4-0.