The ongoing nationwide teacher unions’ strike has not only taken a toll on academic activities but the feeding of boarding students in the senior high schools.

This is because the majority of the kitchen staff have joined their colleagues to embark on the strike to their demand Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA). 

Some schools in the Volta Region have, therefore, closed down their kitchens and asked the students to feed on their own.

They have been relying on their provisions or food from vendors. 

JoyNews checks in some schools in the Volta Region revealed that students were left unattended, as the teachers deserted the classrooms. 

In Mawuli School, for instance, some teachers were seen around while some students were participating in sporting activities.

Others made use of the library. Another section of students was in their dorms, with others loitering around. 

The strike action has also affected feeding in some schools, because some kitchen workers, who are classified as non-teaching staff, have joined the industrial action. 

Students of the Awudome Senior High School were compelled to feed on their own on Saturday due to the absence of the cooks. 

The kitchen, however, resumed work on Sunday, when staff being paid by the school returned from a funeral, to cook for the students 

JoyNews has learned that the management of some schools in the region have communicated to parents that their wards would not be fed during the strike. 

The students have been relying on their provisions and canteen food.

Some of the students who requested anonymity have lamented the situation, adding they had to request extra money from their parents.

They hope that the government comes to an agreement with the teachers so they return to the classrooms in earnest.