TikTok has again been granted a last-minute extension to finalise a deal selling off its US business in order to avoid a ban.

Parent company ByteDance has been in talks for months with Walmart and Oracle about shifting TikTok’s US assets into their hands.

It follows an August directive from President Trump to find a buyer within 90 days or be shut down.

The US government blamed national security concerns for the decision.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) has now granted ByteDance a one-week extension to the previous 27 November deadline, which itself had been subject to several extensions.

CFIUS said it wanted time “to review a revised submission that the committee recently received”.

ByteDance has previously offered four different plans as options.

It said in November that it had had no feedback from the US government for two months.

Now that Joe Biden has won the US election, TikTok will be keen to find out what his approach to Chinese firms working in the US will be. However, the president-elect has not yet clarified what his stance will be on TikTok’s presence in the US.