The Agbogbomefia of Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV, has called for peace and unity among the Ho Muslim Community in the Volta Region.  

He said despite a leadership disagreement in the community, members must support the current management while stakeholders seek a solution to the impasse.  

Togbe Afede, who was meeting both sides of the chieftaincy dispute in Ho on Sunday, said the Ho Zongo Community was among the most peaceful in the country.  

The Agbogbomefia said the community had always supported the Asogli State in unity and that its progress must not be held back by avoidable chieftaincy clashes.  

Togbe Afede asked the community to consider the progress others have achieved through unity, and advised them not to fight over leadership positions.  

He promised to hold another meeting with the two sides on the issue within two weeks.  

The chieftaincy dispute started when one Alhaji Turawah was enstooled as Chief.  

The community is also at the centre of a disagreement over religious leadership, forcing the Municipal Security Council to place the central Mosque under lock.