The Asankragwa Division of the Ghana Police in the Western Region gunned down two armed robbers on Monday.

This follows a gunfight between the police and four suspected attempted robbers at Adowahu a suburb in the Amenfi West Municipality.

According to reports, the armed robbers were in pursuit of a Chinese man whom they believed had samples of a mineral – from which gold is derived, popularly known as “BLACK” – in his possession.

The Police upon a tip-off rushed to Adowahu to arrest the robbers, but the robbers after spotting the police started an exchange of fire.

During the gunfight two of the robbers were shot dead and one police officer severely injured.

The police officer who’s name is withheld is currently at the Asankragwa Roman Catholic Hospital receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, two of the robbers who survived the fight are currently on the run.

Crime Officer Henry Agbeve confirming the incident said the police is still conducting their investigations.