The Volta Regional House of Chiefs has condemned the publication of offensive learning materials designed for the use of pupils in the Lower Primary against Ewes, demanding its destruction.

The learning materials in question are ‘History of Ghana’ and ‘Golden English’ written by Badu Nkansah and Okyere Baafi Alexander respectively, which some legislators and Ghanaians have described as “offensive, divisive and incendiary” to persons coming from the Volta Region.

The Volta Region House of Chiefs (VRHC) stated that “Some of the contents of the said book, which cast derogatory allusions and innuendos at Ewes, are, to say the least, distasteful and a disgrace to the authors and publishers of the said material intended to educate the younger generation of this country.”

One of the sentences in the textbook that has generated a public uproar on social media is “Efo agreed and prepared juju for the players.”

The VRHC “deem if highly reprehensible for those responsible for this offensive publication, to harbour such vile thoughts about their fellow citizens of Ghana in the twenty-first century”.

In view of this, President of the Volta House of Chiefs, Togbe Tepre Hodo IV in a press release dated Monday has called on the parties responsible for “the offensive publication to withdraw the same from circulation and to destroy every part of the offending material.”

History of Ghana textbook by Badu Nkansah

According to the statement, any publications that demonstrate tribal bigotry and prejudice will be unreservedly condemned by the institution.

The Volta House of Chief is, therefore, demanding an unqualified apology from the authors and publishers of this base material to be rendered to all Ewe speaking citizens of Ghana.

“In addition, we urge other ethnic groups in this country, to condemn such divisive publications which only serve as a recipe for chaos and disunity,” the statement added.

However, should the particular textbook in question not be withdrawn and destroyed, the Volta House of Chiefs has pledged to seek legal redress from the appropriate judicial institution.

Golden English for Primary 4 by Okyere Baafi Alexander

“Finally and in the event that this ill-advised publication is discovered anywhere after our demand for the same to be withdrawn from circulation, we hereby serve notice that the Chiefs and people of Ewe ethnic origin, will take appropriate legal measures to ensure that these mischief makers walk on the right side of the law,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, Mr Badu Nkansah has rendered an unqualified apology to Ghanaians and all who have in one way or the other been negatively affected.

Again, the publishing company has apologised and promised to investigate and track down other copies of the textbook that have illegally found their way into the market.

“Though it is not a deliberate attempt to berate such a huge section of our society. We wish to unreservedly apologise for the slip. Our brand stands for national unity, and we currently employ workers who originate from all parts of the country,” the firm stated.