After an impressive last few months which has seen the rise of women’s football in Ghana, the 2021/22 Women’s Premier League (WPL) is set to commence on Friday, December 17, with two games in both the Northern and Sothern zones.

Ampem Darkoa Ladies finished the 2021 season as champions of the Northern zone and will be hoping to defend their title, while also trying to reclaim the women’s title.

Hasaacas Ladies, on the other hand, completed a fairytale season by winning their fifth title of the year after beating Ampem Darkoa Ladies in the maiden edition of the First Lady’s Cup earlier this month.

The 2021/22 season kicks off on Friday with a game between Northern Ladies and Dreamz Ladies at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in the first fixture in the Northern Zone.

Southern zone’s first game will see Thunder Queens welcome Soccer Intellectuals Ladies to the Dansoman Carl Reindorf Park.

Ampem Darkoa’s opener will see them play host to Pearlpia Ladies. Hasaacas Ladies will play Ladystrikers FC in what will be a repeat of the Women’s Premier League Super Cup final fixture.

Here are the full fixtures of matchday one of the WPL:

Northern Zone

Northern Ladies vs Dreamz Ladies

Ampem Darkoa Ladies vs Pearlpia Ladies

FC Savannah vs Prisons Ladies

Supreme Ladies vs Ash-Town Ladies

Fabulous Ladies vs Kumasi Sports Academy

Southern Zone

Thunder Queens vs Soccer Intellectual Ladies

Berry Ladies vs Army Ladies

Sea Lions FC vs Faith Ladies

Hasaacas Ladies vs Ladystrikers

Immigration Ladies vs Police Ladies

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