MP for Adansi-Asokwa, Kobina Tahir Hammond, has intimated that the 2022 Budget will be approved on Tuesday, having been rejected by the Minority on November 26.

Speaking to the press, the legislator assured that all is set for the ‘Agyenkwa’ Budget to be approved and the ‘action is to start in 45 minutes.

“This time watch my lips; action in 45 minutes, here on the floor of Parliament”, he told JoyNews parliamentary correspondent, Kwesi Parker-Wilson.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the Finance Minister was reported to have joined a joint caucus meeting between the Majority and Minority, to reach a consensus on the approval of the 2022 Budget Estimates and Economic Policy.

The meeting was necessitated by the events of Friday, November 26, when Parliament rejected the 2022 Budget, following a series of heated exchanges between members of the Minority and Majority Caucuses.

Infuriated by the turn of events, the Majority, led by Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu staged a walkout after alleging ‘bias’ and ‘disrespect’ on the part of the Speaker, Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin.

Proceedings however continued unabated, following which the Minority threw out the Budget, with 137 of its members, present, and voting. The Majority subsequently reacted, describing the Minority’s decision as ‘unconstitutional’.

But in the statement by the Minority Leader, Haruna Iddirisu on November 28, the Minority refuted the claims of unconstitutionality, describing their colleagues in the Majority as “irresponsible”; urging them to accept the rejection of the 2022 Budget in good faith.

“The Minority wishes to strongly advise the Majority Leader and Government to accept defeat, acknowledge the rejection of the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy by Parliament and focus on discussions on how to save the country from an imminent economic crisis”, the statement said.

Having expressed its reservations about the conduct of the Majority MPs, the Minority called for the government to make certain amendments to the 2022 Budget before it extend its support to it.

As part of the changes the Minority wants to be effected, the Minority wants the government to withdraw the Agyapa deal, in addition to a suspension of the proposed 1.75% e-levy. The Minority has also advocated for proper reconstruction of paragraph 829 of the Aker Energy deal relating to GNPC’s acquisition of stake from Aker Energy and AGM Petroleum.

In addition to these, the Minority wants the government to review the benchmark value for imports and provide for the Keta tidal waves disaster.

According to the Minority, without these, it will not approve the 2022 Budget.

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