The 3rd edition of the China Trade Week has opened with China renewing its resolve to deepen trade ties with Ghana.

Opening the event, Minister for Business Development, Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal urged the Chinese business community to partner Ghanaian businesses to make Ghana a manufacturing hub in West Africa.

“As we embark on an industrialization drive, now is the time for you, our partners from China, to bring onboard your expertise so we could together achieve this Ghana Beyond Aid agenda,” he stated.

3rd China Trade Week opens in Accra

“Government has set aside GH¢50 million cedis for the training of 12,000 young entrepreneurs ahead of the full implementation of the Continental Free Trade Agreement.”

Chinese ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang said China has resolved to help Ghana become an export-led economy. According to him, China Trade Week will be the best way to deepen bilateral relations between both countries.

“It is our interest to see Ghana expand in its manufacturing drive. The economy is expanding and being an economic partner is very key to improving bilateral ties,” he stated.

3rd China Trade Week opens in Accra

Meanwhile, CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Mark Badu Aboagye, has challenged the business community to take advantage of various business reforms that make the cost of doing business easy in Ghana.

This year’s exhibition will showcase more variety and high-end Chinese manufacturers looking to develop long term relations with local buyers. 

The companies will cover various industry sectors such as Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Construction Materials, Outdoor Goods, Daily Necessities, Furniture, PPP, Home Electricals & Electronics, Clothing & Textiles, Television & Satellite, Baby Products and Personal Care among others.

3rd China Trade Week opens in Accra

China Trade Week  (CTW) is jointly organized by Dubai and China-based MIE Events, and its local Ghanaian exhibition company Geovision Services. Both sides are thrilled to continue this comprehensive China-focused event in the West African region.

3rd China Trade Week opens in Accra

The event has already had success in Kenya and the United Arab Emirates. The success of the Ghana event last two years has seen the introduction of Ethiopia, South Africa and Morocco to the CTW portfolio.

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