The Inspector General of Police (IGP) James Oppong-Boanuh has disclosed that over 6,000 flashpoints have been identified nationwide ahead of the December polls.

Mr Oppong-Boanuh said the flashpoints were decided based on a number of factors including “incidents recorded in previous elections, this year’s voters’ registration exercise, and crime rates and other factors relating to those centers.”

“As a result, our approach [in ensuring security] in these areas will be slightly different from other areas,” he added.

The IGP who doubles as the Chairman of the National Election Security taskforce was addressing the media at a conference in Accra, on measures put in place to ensure maximum security before, during, and after the elections in December.

He said despite this number of hotspots, the election security taskforce is determined to ensure order during the election period, thus, incident free areas will not be underestimated.

“Saturated patrols and standby forces may be visible to prevent any mishap,” he said.

He further noted that the security services have been working with the Electoral Commission (EC) to make planning for the entire electoral process feasible, adding that, measures have been put in place to provide adequate protection for EC officials and the election materials.

“Our priority areas include providing security for the commissioners, the poling stations, the coalition centers, the Electoral materials, the offices , logistics, polling facilities,” he said.

Candidates, voters, observers and reporters will also receive security during elections.

He also urged Religious leaders, Traditional leaders, as well as Political Party leaders to advise their followers to follow laid down procedures in the elections, and warned party supporters against moving from polling station to polling station in the guise of monitoring the election process.

“Experience shows that such movements generates confusion and cause disturbances,” he said.

“The opportunity is already given for their observation through the agents they put at polling stations and coalition centers,” he added.

“Violence does not pay. Electoral related violence will only lead to human suffering and undermine the very country candidates want to lead,” he further noted.

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