The legislator for Cape Coast North is disappointed that some ladies resign their worth to physical looks.

MP Barbara Asher Ayisi advised such ladies to focus on building themselves instead and their self-esteem as that will take them places.

Speaking to Daniel Dadzie on the Prime Morning show on Monday, the Deputy Housing Minister stated that it is rather unfortunate that some ladies rely entirely on their looks as their source of income.

“If you feel your life revolves around your looks, you’re in trouble,” she said.

Mrs Ayisi explained that as humans and women especially, there is a purpose to which we each individual has been created by God.

“We all have talents or some sort of skill God has put in us as women. As young ladies, it is important to understand that life is not all about riches and rich men,” she said.

The Deputy Minister recounted her days in Wesley Girls High School when she barely had enough to sustain herself and her family.

She said her family had to battle poverty and the fact that she didn’t have the slender physique that was the ‘ish’ back in those days didn’t make her attractive to men.

“At a point I didn’t feel good about myself, I wasn’t very slim, I wasn’t rich and I wasn’t among the top students either. All I had was my artistic talent and creativity…It is of essence to develop what you have to make up for what you don’t have…Never rely on your looks; Beauty is Vain! It fades!”

She lamented how it has become trendy for women to groom themselves, specifically, to attract rich married men who provide for them, take them on trips and buy them other luxuries stuff.

She admonished young ladies to take time to educate themselves and aim to attain higher heights.