Cattle dealers at the Kumasi Abattoir are protesting a 400% increment of what they term landing fee for each animal brought to the facility.

Management of the Kumasi Abattoir increased the landing fee from ¢1 to ¢5 after a decade of non-increment.

But the dealers are protesting management decision and call on them to rescind their decision, and rather keep the place in good shape.

“Management of the abattoir has issued a statement that a new few for every animal is ¢5. Customers who also come to buy will pay ¢10.

“Previously we paid ¢5 for an animal. We are not even worried about that. But just go through the kraals and see how unhygienic they are,” he said.

One of the cattle dealers, Abdul-Razak Mahmud lamented over the unhygienic nature of the kraals at the abattoir.

The cattle dealers burnt some items in front of the managing director’s office in protest.

It took reinforcement of police to calm situation.

“Before we even agreed to pay the money we were made to understand that if any animal gets missing the owner would be compensated.

“But since we started nobody has paid for our lost animals. Our kraals are not in good shape but they have not fixed them as agreed,” he lamented.

They walked journalists through the kraal where cattle are slaughtered.

It looks unclean with a lot of muddy mixtures. Cattle dealers use Wellington boots to be able to walk through.

They feel the place is unhygienic for the purpose of meat production and, therefore, doesn’t deserve the current levy being charged.

But management say they have done what it takes to keep the place safe for the butchers.

Managing Director for the Abattoir, Joe Owusu Boadi told journlaists management have done beyond what is expected to them to the dealers.

“We scoop the dropping twice in a year. We are to start scooping and all entails cost. We want to have something small from them so that we can make the place fine.”

He says the cattle dealers cannot afford to pay the cost of even security and general services.

But the dealers are disappointed they are not getting value for money.

Management say they even take responsibility of dead animals and that cost about ¢70 for burial for one animal.  

“A week I can bury about five to ten animals which is not nice,” he said.

Management of the facility have resolved to further engage the dealers on the matter.