The Member of Parliament for North Tongu has extolled the Sanitation Minister-designate Cecilia Daapah for her enormous contribution to Ghana under her leadership as the former Minister for Aviation.

Describing her as one of the dynamic and bold leaders in the country, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa indicated that her admirable leadership skills brought Ghanaian travellers the best services they deserved amidst some customer service challenges with British Airways.

Her charismatic leadership skills, he said, is what the country needs in resolving situations of this nature.

“I am very pleased to put this on record that she is one of the bold, dynamic leaders this country needs so I want to congratulate her highly for that action.”

The former Minister for Aviation cautioned British Airways to improve its services to Ghanaian travellers, insisting that the airline would be sanctioned if it fails to comply with the demands being served them.

Madam Dapaah’s comment came after she had received reports about bed bugs being on board some of the planes that served passengers in the country and demanded an explanation and reassurance from the airline that that would no longer occur.

Taking her turn, on Tuesday’s vetting, Okudzeto Ablakwa applauded the nominee for the bold step and initiative taken in fighting against the poor customer treatment meted out to Ghanaians.

“Mr Chairman, I have been longing for an opportunity to congratulate the nominee for the public chastising and the very bold leadership that she exhibited when she was aviation minister.

“…when British Airways was maltreating Ghanaian travellers when there were bedbugs in their flights and all kinds of poor customer service. She stood up for Ghanaians and I have enormous pride in that,” he stated.

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