Celestine Donkor (Credit: YouTube)

Gospel artiste Celestine Donkor has promised to help find the unidentified man who assaulted a street preacher.

In a post on Instagram, the musician said she got enraged after seeing the young preacher being beaten by a passerby who had issues with the evangelist’s ministry.

She noted that people have the the right to freedom of worship in the country, therefore it is beyond reasoning to witness such an incident.

“I will not rest until I see this guy arrested. May heaven not be quiet on this wickedness. How can you beat up someone like this just because he is preaching? What happened to our freedom of worship?” she quizzed.

Celestine Donkor stated that this can trigger the assault of other preachers and Gospel musicians.

She urged Christians to not stay quiet over the assault.

“This is a no no no! Christians let’s not be quiet about this. No one can do this to a Muslim and go free,” she stated.

Meanwhile, some people on social media have mounted a search for the man who assaulted the preacher.

In the video that is going viral, the man approached the preacher out of the blue, grabbed his hands and twisted it in an attempt to snatch the microphone.

When the pastor resisted, the man slapped him (the preacher). 

He continuously assaulted the pastor until his (the pastor’s) colleague came to his rescue.

The video has angered many people who are promising to get the man arrested for assault.

Other people also wondered why observers who could be heard saying “oh” did not rush in to stop the assault.

“Sometimes we the observers behave so weird and inhuman. See people standing and watching the beatings the guy is receiving without rushing to his rescue,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“Getting him arrested for the violence Yes, he needs to be dealt with lawfully…but it’s about time Christians know u can’t just insult other belief systems because of what u believe,” another added.