Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor

Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor has challenged persons with evidence on any government official engaging in ‘galamsey’ to come forward with such evidence.

He said such ‘gossip’ about government officials engaged in illegal mining cannot be condoned when the government is struggling to fight the menace.

The Minister contended that if indeed such evidence exists, the suspects must not be favoured by virtue of being government officials but rather be convicted.

“You have to bring them out…when these things come out, you have to expose them. We cannot continue to be in the realm of gossips especially when we are trying to have serious government architecture. If a Chinese lady claims she has a sex tape of Ministers or Deputy Ministers, the minute after that allegation is made those tapes should be out there. People like you should go and dig them out.

“If there is any Minister in President Akufo-Addo’s government or John Mahama’s government who has gone to trade sex with galamsey, that person should not be sitting under air-condition, that person should be in Nsawam,” he told journalists in Accra.

The Minister also assured that ‘Galamsey’ queen, Aisha Huang will be convicted and imprisoned if found guilty of the charges leveled against her.

The Minister said per facts in his possession, he is convinced Aisha Huang is guilty of the charges proffered against her.

“Aisha Huang has been arrested today. She is being prosecuted and she will be prosecuted under Ghanaian law in a Ghanaian court. If she is found guilty which I believe she should be found and I think I am not making prejudicial comments but I am saying that given the facts that I have, I am expecting that Aisha Huang will be found guilty, convicted and sentenced and thrown into a Ghanaian jail,” he said.

The Chinese national who is set to reappear in court on September 27 was accused of engaging in mining without a license after she was re-arrested in Ghana some weeks ago.

This was after she was deported in 2018 over a similar incident.

Though the nature of her exit is still being debated, the Attorney General has already communicated his commitment to see the prosecution through.